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Toronto Web Media Votes Wize Guyz as having the best veal sandwiches in Etobicoke... TRY one now we guarentee it's the greatest sandwich in the city.


There's a lot that goes into having the greatest veal sandwich. Wize Guyz in Etobicoke has it down to an art. First, you must begin with the best quality ingredients. Our veal and chicken is of the highest quality and never frozen. It's thinly sliced and breaded in house with our original seasoned breadcrumbs. Second, you need a good quality tomato sauce; this is where Wize Guyz sets itself apart from the competition. Our tomato sauce starts with imported grade A Tuscan sweet plum tomatoes; naturally sweet in flavour and seasoned with our secret recipe. The veal is then fried to perfection and served inside a fresh kaiser. (read some customer reviews about the best veal sandwich in etobicoke)